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Blue Skies Album

Michael Shirtz's BLUE SKIES album is a collection of Jazz and American standards that pay tribute to the composers of Irving Berlin, Gershwin, Cole Porter, and others, as well as share songs that brought joy into Michael's life. The focus of the album is to provide listeners with music that they can dance to, dream to, relax to, and help them find some "blue skies" on those gray cloudy days. In addition to the songs themselves, Shirtz's arrangements also tributes the jazz legends and singers he grew up listening to with subtle quotes and phrases throughout the album. Learn more about the album BLUE SKIES.

Blue Skies Journal

Learn more about the Blue Skies Journal – a collection of stories from people following their dreams, pursuing lifelong goals, and finding their “blue skies.” Read a story, share a story, become a story about joy, love, passion, and compassion. Read through the journals of others for encouragement or inspiration on how people over came major obstacles to accomplish their dreams and goals. Have a story to share? Submit your own story to help encourage others on their journey.