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As a producer, Michael works to create shows and productions that reach out to audiences that provide entertainment with educational and emotional connections to the music. Shirtz's programs often include multimedia and dramatic elements to help "storytell" the concepts to audience goers and make an impact on their entertainment value and show quality. Shirtz's vision in developing and producing shows goes beyond both the stage and the audience, to also incorporate economic impact and growth with communities through the arts.

Michael Shirtz serves as the Associate Coordinator/Producer of the Jazz Education Network Annual Conference and JENerations Jazz Festival and former Associate Director/Project Manager for the Tri-C JazzFest and Tri-C Presents in Cleveland, Ohio. Michael is the artistic producer of the JAZZ@8 Series that presents themed jazz concerts in a club venue, giving audiences an intimate jazz experience. The themes are a combination of various musical offerings with jazz artists/groups. JAZZ@8 programs include such themes as Miles to Motown, Gershwin for Lovers, Jazz Meets Broadway, Jazz Goes to Hollywood, the Halloween special Jazz Gets Spooky, among others, Check out JAZZ@8!

Other concerts and shows produced by Michael Shirtz include tributes to America's Veterans and Servicemen & Women, Music of Broadway and Hollywood, Music of Bernstein, Music of Brubeck, and numerous Christmas and Holiday festival programs.

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