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"Blue Skies" Recording in October!

It's OFFICIAL! Michael Shirtz's new jazz album entitled, "BLUE SKIES: More than a Decade's Time" is going to the recording studio in October with the release of the album for Christmas. Shirtz fans, who have been waiting for this album and recording for several years, (14 to be exact) will enjoy the new album that highlights Michael's interests in Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Rock. Though the album features a lot of American Songbook repertoire, listeners will hear them performed in more modern styles that captures the direction of Shirtz's artistic direction since returning to commercial performing in 2014.

Shirtz's manager, Arica Pfirsch, says, "I am very excited about Michael heading to the studio and creating an album that has been a long time goal for him. At this time in his career he is ready and 'the guys' are ready to share this musical experience. The guys are like brothers and that will show through the music. I am looking forward to sharing the experience and the completion of the album."

The album will be produced by Douglas Neel, recorded and mastered by Chad Loughrige and his team, and recorded at the Capital Studio in Columbus, Ohio, October 12-15. The musicians with Michael on the album include MSQ members Doug Neel (guitar), Dwight Bailey (electric/acoustic bass), Reggie Jackson (drums/percussion) along with Danny Bauer (piano/keyboards). Other musicians on the album include George Michael (saxophone) and Charles Saenz (trumpet).

Shirtz fans will have several opportunities to be a part of the album process and should stay tuned for more information on how they can visit the recording sessions and meet the artists.

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