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Shirtz Music announces the following cancellations and postponements for Michael Shirtz's upcoming concerts and programs. We urge everyone to follow information provided by the CDC, and local/state health officials to help curve the threat and spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We look forward to seeing you again soon in the concerts halls, clubs, and our educational campuses. Until then, be smart, be alert, and stay healthy.

Please read Michael Shirtz's message below.

Message from Michael

"Social Distancing...Keep Spirits Up!"

Times like these can be scary, uncertain, and filled with many emotions. It's certainly understandable as we prepare for this health emergency, the hardship of economics, and the major shift in how we conduct our everyday lives. True, it can be hard to remain positive when we don't know what the future holds. However, it is important to remain confident and not allow ourselves to get into a social recession. I encourage us to use this time we'd normally be out and about, to focus on activities that help pass the time and keep us engaged while applying social distancing physically, but not mentally. The sooner we can contain and stop the spread of the virus, the sooner we can get back to being ourselves again.

Most of us will of course spend our time at home catching up on TV shows, watching those favorite movies, and read a book or two we've been meaning to grab off the shelf. Some other things I would encourage you to do is stay connected and focus on doing things that keep us from having that overwhelming feeling of loneliness and anxiety.

Things to do...

  • This is the perfect time to set up group chats, virtual hangouts, and FaceTime or VideoChat with friends and family members. Stay connected often.

  • Practice the old tradition of writing letters to friends. It's becoming a lost art that really is something meaningful to do. Plus, think of their surprise when they receive them. When was the last time you received a letter?

  • Go to your tunes and listen to music. Don't just play it in the background, but relax, close your eyes, and just focus on the music and lyrics. You will find that it can take you to a very relaxed place.

  • And for musicians and artists out there of all kinds, this is a time to work on our craft. Get the pencils and paint brushes out, create new songs, and explore your creative side.

Again, I don't know what the future holds and how long we will be away from our normal daily activities. However, while we are in this interim, let's remain positive. Let’s make the best out of our time. Let's keep our thoughts and prayers with those suffering. And, let's keep ourselves mentally and physically strong while we work to make the world healthy!

From Pamela, Arica, and whole crew here, we wish you all great health and many blessings!



Cancelled & Postponed Dates


March 13: "Great Scat Singers"

March 15: "Great Scat Singers"

Tony Hagood featuring

Laura Camara & Michael Shirtz

McConnell Arts Center, Columbus, Ohio


March 20:

"Wistful Thinking"

Sam Blakeslee Trio

Sandusky State Theatre, Sandusky, Ohio


March 21:


Sandusky State Theatre, Sandusky, Ohio


March 22:

"Essence of Beethoven"

Firelands Symphony Chorale & Orchestra

Michael Shirtz, conductor

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sandusky, Ohio


March 26:

"Maureen McGovern

& Michael Shirtz"

6:00PM Show & 8:15PM Show

Citrus Hills Club, Hernando, Florida


March 29:

"Maureen McGovern

& Michael Shirtz"

Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center

Tarpon Springs, Florida

For continued information on cancellations and postponements, visit our website calendar.

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